Advice to creditor ensures they know their options

The directors of a groundwork contractor sought advice from Kingsbridge Corporate Solutions when they were notified that a client company was about to be declared insolvent owing the business a substantial sum.

The directors were unhappy about the way in which their client had dealt with them and had concerns over the way in which they were proposing to liquidate their business. Kingsbridge was able to help the directors establish what the likely outcome was for their business. Kingsbridge attended the meeting of creditors called by the client company to appoint a liquidator with the directors. This enabled questions to be asked on their behalf at the meeting to ensure that their concerns over the way in which the client’s business had been conducted were properly examined by the client’s liquidator. The directors feel that they were much better informed and were able to take advice from Kingsbridge about the way in which they planned to react to the losses which they had suffered.