Case Studies

The right approach to creditor negotiations ensures continuing business

We were introduced to the directors of a specialist structural timberwork company by its accountants who were concerned by a poor trading performance reflected in the previous year’s accounts.

Advice to creditor ensures they know their options

The directors of a groundwork contractor sought advice from Kingsbridge Corporate Solutions when they were notified that a client company was about to be declared insolvent owing the business a substantial sum.

Voluntary Arrangement helps sole trader return to profitability

Mr W ran a busy building services business. Following a period of illness the business fell behind with payments to HM Revenue and Customs and was threatened with bankruptcy.

Voluntary Arrangement satisfies unexpected bankruptcy action

Mr K sought advice from Kingsbridge Corporate Solutions having been declared bankrupt following a petition to the court brought by a domestic creditor.

Voluntary Arrangement strengthens business performance

Kingsbridge Corporate Solutions was introduced to the directors of a company which designs and manufactures products for the retail and leisure industry by its accountant.

Administration helps business thrive and retains employment

Kingsbridge Corporate Solutions was introduced to the directors of an Industrial Services company by an advisor whose client had identified the opportunity integrate the company’s business with their own and bring in house part of their operation which had previously been outsourced.

Solvent Liquidation maximises return on investment

Kingsbridge worked alongside the Company’s tax advisors and accountants to ensure a prompt return on investment to shareholders following sale of a trading business.

Liquidation provides orderly wind down

A manufacturing business had operated successfully for over 60 years but was finding it difficult to secure new contracts leaving the sole director looking for help to close the business. The Company’s accountants recommended Kingsbridge.

Liquidation helps director retain control and maximise returns

A property developer was introduced to Kingsbridge by their solicitors having received the threat of a winding up petition from HM Revenue and Customs.